Here is a simple explanation of CBD and everything that you may need to know about the CBD at a simple, fundamental level.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the two major components of cannabis (marijuana) that is non-psychoactive and as such cannot induce highness. This sounds new to the world because nobody ever thought that one can ever consume marijuana without getting high; well, the reason why the world have nurtured this mindset is because of the other major component of cannabis, alpha-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the main psychoactive component of cannabis and responsible for inducing highness on marijuana consumers.

Most users of cannabis were known to always purchase cannabis because of its psychoactive effects; due to this specific desire of many, buyers have been ripped whenever they buy cannabis but today, a lot of things have changed.

Although researches are still ongoing to understand the relevance of CBD, it is beneficial medically and otherwise, and as such, many companies are putting efforts to see that they get the best out of this compound.

Benefits of CBD

There are a few known benefits of CBD amongst which many are medical; although there a few known non-medical benefits, they are still under research for in-depth understanding just as I mentioned earlier.

Medical Benefits:

The known medical benefits of cannabidiol include:

  1. Pain Relief: Although marijuana has been used to relieve pain for millennia now, scientists have found that the pain-relieving effect of marijuana is owed chiefly to the CBD present in it. How this compound relieves pain is a matter of more explicit understanding of the human nervous system, but for easy comprehension, I would present it this way: The human nervous system has a cannabinoid receptor as a part of the endocannabinoid system. This system releases endocannabinoid which goes on to bind with CBD, and then this conjugate binds to the cannabinoid receptor to modify the functions of the neural system and thus, inhibit the transmission of impulses responsible for the pain to the brain.
  2. Reduce Anxiety and Depression: Also, the CBD has been known to reduce anxiety and depression which happens to be a significant reason why many users of marijuana have resorted to its use in the first place. Today, it is clearly understood now that the CBD chiefly played this role.
  3. Improves Heart Health: Many seniors in the US have been diagnosed with one heart disease or the other and today, CBD has been known to improve the health of the human heart by numerous chances. Although this benefit is still under research for them to see its viability, CBD just as observed in marijuana is known for its vasodilation effects.

Non-Medical Benefits:

A few known non-medical benefits that are not getting much attention from researchers may include:

  1. Good for Skin: Skin diseases like acne have been known to be prevalent and said to be caused by some factors including sebum secretion by the body. CBD oil is known to reduce or inhibit sebum secretion in the body and as such can be a viable treatment for acne and a few other skin diseases possibly.
  2. For Pets: CBD diets are very nutritious and beneficial to pets as it helps them relax and increases their appetite.

Means of Consuming CBD

CBD as a growingly accepted drug can be consumed orally, or administered by the use of aerosol sprays applied on the cheek. CBD can also be taken when you directly inhale the smoke or vapor from marijuana.

Types of CBD Products Available Online

Different products are containing CBD that is sold online, and these include:

  • CBD oils
  • CBD pills/capsules
  • CBD vapes (including things like dabs and wax concentrates)
  • Topical CBD creams
  • CBD edibles (including CBD gummies)