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Sedona CBD Concentrate by Nu-X

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It’s a characteristic, natural flavor that strokes your sense of taste. Layered on it is the extraordinary musk of lemon and a trace of rich smooth cheddar makes for a normally tart yet sharp flavor profile that is one of a kind to the Sedona CBD Concentrate by Nu-X. This concentrate utilizes just 100% hemp-determined, natural CBD for an encounter that is possibly ideal for your CBD objectives. Relish these rich, striking notes alongside fulfilling CBD with the Sedona CBD Concentrate by Nu-X! Add it to your truck today!


What’s Included

  • 1 x Sedona CBD Concentrate by Nu-X

Specs & Features

  • For use with Low Wattage CBD designated cartridges
  • Recommended Wattage range of (10w-15w)
  • Note: 1ml of this E-liquid equals 300mg of Full Spectrum CBD distillate.
  • CBD Strength: 3000mg
  • Bottle Size: 10mL
  • Flavor Profile: Intense Lemon, Earthy and Naturally Sweet Foundation

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