Let’s take a look at how CBD affects sleep. Today many people are turning to the natural healing power of cannabidiol instead of pharmaceutical drugs. But how can CBD affect sleep in positive or negative way? In this article we have explored both.

CBD is the non psychoactive cannabidiol that has become the star of the medical cannabis community. Recently, it has become a super popular nutraceutical supplement. Cannabidiol is extracted from a variety of industrial hemp and psychoactive cannabis.

Studies have shown that CBD helps the body maintain homeostasis. In addition, CBD interacts with the body by the endocannabinoid system. This is a network of receivers all human beings have. CBD is known as a “therapeutic” cannabinoid. It also has a reputation to aid in sleep, but not in the way that you think.

What is sleep cycle?

Understanding sleep is difficult. There are 5 stages in the sleep cycle. Phases 1-4 include the non-rapid eye movement phase (NREM), while the 5th phase is the phase of rapid eye movement (REM).

These sleep cycles last around 90 minutes throughout the night, the time we spent in NREM and REM phases varies. It is important to sleep without interruptions. Optimal in a 24 hour period lasts between 4 and 6 consecutive cycles.

Normally, it is considered that the average adult needs 8 hours of sleep per night. A minority of the population, approximately less than 5%, can sleep less than 5 hours without suffering physical and cognitive side effects.

The consequences of sleep deficiency include various problems that can result in a deterioration of all aspects of health and well-being. The lack or poor quality of sleep will make you age prematurely, affect your ability to make decisions, can drastically decrease your physical performance and increase your risk of injury, however taking drugs or alcohol-induced sleep is not the healthy and restorative sleep that the body and mind need.

What do CBD consumers say?

Consumers are supplementing with a few drops of oil of CBD under the tongue is becoming more usual before and after exercise. This is because the CBD itself (and in small doses) is not relaxing. That does not necessarily mean that it does not contribute to a better quality of sleep.

CBD, Lysosomes, and melatonin, are some of the components found in the CBD SLEEP AID TINCTURE BY CANNA TRADING CO.

Which are used for a good sleep. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the human body that is essential for maintaining a proper circadian rhythm. When is supplemented with CBD, the cannabinoid melatonin contributes to a more structured, deep sleep.

Can you use CBD to treat the causes of Sleep Deficiency?

We can say that the effects of CBD on sleep are more indirect than the THC, which is a sedative and we know that it knocks out consumers in less than an hour.

Chronic pain, restless leg syndrome, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other diseases are associated with deficiency of sleep. In addition, considered that CBD serves to treat these problems. To relieve the symptoms that prevent sleep, CBD may have an influential, although secondary role.

CBD in comparison with prescription drugs

Today, increasingly amounts of people are looking for natural remedies as an alternative to prescription drugs to sleep. Medications such as Valium can generate dependency and damage the liver over time. The type of forced sleep producing pills to sleep can make you feel tired and groggy the next morning.

It is necessary that more detailed testing and trials are made on CBD to help us understand its proper applications. For now, the only way to know if CBD can help you sleep better is trying the product for ourselves.

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